WVDX - Vermilion DX

Steve WHT(SK), Rick KXB , Hans KHB , Chuck WWQ , Greg NKT , Chad NTL , Paul KPK , Brian NXX , Bob N1HLJ , Cliff ACB, Dave KEKL, Paul WAD, Shari KBMHH, Jeff KUU, John KEJDA and Lake WVDX comprise the lake Vermilion DX Association, because we enjoy the pursuit of DX and we enjoy the beauty of Lake Vermilion and surrounding lakes in northern Minnesota. We invite anyone to join who shares these interests.

All members are either Vice Presidents or Associate Vice Presidents. To qualify as a Vice President, you need to work at least 100 countries. No confirmations are required. We trust you. After all, this is a hobby.

We are proud to say we are an ARRL Affiliated Club.

(If you click on the club callsign, youll see a summary of our log.)

The Ladder


Here is our Constitution and Bylaws.