Constitution and Bylaws of

The Lake Vermilion DX Association


1. Name: The name of this Club is The Lake Vermilion DX Association (LVDXA).


2. Purpose: We formed the LVDXA because we enjoy the pursuit of DX, and we enjoy the beauty of Lake Vermilion and surrounding lakes in northern Minnesota. We invite anyone to join who shares these interests


3. Membership: All members are either Vice Presidents or Associate Vice Presidents. To qualify as a Vice President, you have to work at least 100 countries. No confirmations are required. We trust you. After all, this is a hobby.


Any member may invite an individual to join the LVDXA. If that person accepts, he or she becomes a member immediately.


4. Officers and Board of Directors: All members comprise the Board of Directors. Decisions by the club will be reached by consensus of the members. One member will act as recording secretary, as required, and maintain the LVDXA web page (


When a member proposes an action by the club, that member will make a best effort to contact all the members, discuss the proposal and try to reach a consensus.


By consensus, we mean all members are at least willing to say they can “live with” the proposed action.


5. Dues: There are no dues. We expect only incidental costs to maintain the club, and members will pay for that out of their own pockets.


6. Meetings: Meetings will be held when and if needed. We encourage on-the-air contacts or email to handle day-to-day club business.


7. Amendments: This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by consensus of the members.